Heat Ray Gun - US Military Withdraws It's Use From Afghanistan

diagram of Raygun on Humvee veichle showing how heatray gun works: 1) 360 degree operation. 2) Range in excess of 500m. 3) Focused invisible mm wave beam.

A heat ray gun developed by the US military has been withdrawn from Afghanistan, army chiefs have confirmed.

The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal weapon that heats up the skin "intolerably" but, according to tests, causes no permanent damage.

Its invisible beam is designed to repel enemies and disperse violent crowds, causing anyone targeted to immediately move away.

US military commanders in the country have had the weapon at their disposal but have now decided against using it. The weapon was never actually deployed in a 'real life' scenario.

"The ADS was not used and was shipped from Afghanistan. The operational need for the device was not approved by commanders", confirmed Colonel Shanks, Chief of Public Affairs for ISAF.

The beam produced by the ADS can travel more than 500m (1,640ft) and is seen as a potential way to limit war zone fatalities in the future.

It's already been tested more than 11,000 times on around 700 volunteers, including journalists. The US military says the chance of injury is 0.1% as the beam only penetrates the skin to the equivalent of three sheets of paper.

Original Article taken from BBC Article 2006

theilluminatifiles comment...

The Active Denial System (ADS) was never really intended to be used by the Military in the battlefield but rather, against the American people. The whole concept that the ADS was developed for military purposes was just a way of selling the idea to the American public, by informing them about the new technology without alarming them. Does anyone seriously believe that a battlefield situation in Afghanistan, would call for such a device that has a range of just 500m? Never mind the fact that a big SUV with an even bigger satellite dish on top of it, is a bit of a give-away of enemy location in the middle of the Afghan desert.

Apparently, the American public have swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. But then again, given the fact that the American people have believed some pretty bizarre scenarios - that include: Jet fuel that can defy the laws of physics and burn at a high enough temperature to melt steel- steel that was pre-treated with fire retardant, no less; fires that are so intense they can destroy almost all traces of a plane but leave bodies intact, not to mention incriminating documents such as passports which also possess magicical properties, and can pass through fire and explosion; or even the fact that a whole building can collapse completely on it's own without being hit by anything and having no fires burn within its floors; - it is hardly surprising that the establishment feel that they can get away with spinning lies to the US public on such a grand scale.

To be fair to the American people, no one really wants to believe that their government would conspire with other intelligence agencies and/or terrorist organizations to bring about the horrific events that took place on September 11 2001, in order to justify an illegal war to the American public as well as create a climate of fear that would be used against the American people and the Constitution. No one wants to believe that their government are merely puppets of a hidden, corporate power structure, that, far from having the best interests of the populous at heart; are serving their own agenda which is detrimental to, not only the populous of the U.S. as a whole, but also the populous on a worldwide scale.

On a psychological level, too, it goes against the human psyche or ego for a person to consider the possibility that they lacked sufficient intelligence and were duped into believing a lie. We all like to think that we are better than that and that we wouldn't be so stupid. This idea, of course, is reinforced by a herd-mentality concept of safety in numbers, whereby, a person will look to the general consensus of other people's opinions, as a basis to judge the state of his/her own opinions. Therefore, if x, y, z's opinions are similar to his/her own, then he/she is on safe ground and can safely voice their opinions in front of others without being thought of as 'odd' or just downright 'weird'. Indeed, it is this sort of psychology that has been used against the American people as well as people of the rest of the world and has helped turn countries Like Britain into a police state in all but name. The people have indeed become used to their servitude and it's hard to foresee that enough people are going to wake up on mass in order to force a reversal of the invisible tyranny that has and is taking place.

Despite the fact that in reality, intelligence or lack thereof, has little to do with the fact that people are being duped by those in positions of power, and more to do with the fact that day in and day out the masses are being bombarded with all types of government propaganda and divertive trash via the TV, radio and mainstream media on a 24/7 basis; people are slowly but surely waking up. Make no mistake, though, the masses are being played like a finely tuned violin by a proverbial genius master or masters, as the case may be, and one has at least to give respect to the architects of the New World Order and how far they have brought the world closer to their goal thus far. However, any genius master or architects of the New World Order would not embark on such a plan without first looking at every possibility and planning for it. This will also include the event of a mass wake-up by the sleeping populous and or how to quell any public dissent should the unthinkable occur.

Given the fact that technology we know of is around 40 years behind covert technology that is being produced in secret, this technology would have probably been a covert reality of the 1980's. No doubt too, it has has had millions of dollars worth of investment gone into it's production right from its conception to its production. It would be dangerously naive to assume that the project is going to sit gathering dust until, someone, somewhere decides to use it or the U.S. military decide that they can make use of it after all. Oh how naive can we be? It is true that yesterdays headlines are tomorrows fish and chip paper, never to be remembered again, except of course, when you are writing articles for the illuminatifiles.

The bottom line is this: that in the very near future we are going to see this technology used on the streets of America against the American people. It will, without doubt be used to usher in 'Marshal Law' and to quell any dissidence and anarchy brought about by a collapsed economy. This, I'm afraid, is not a case of if but sadly, is now a case of when.

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