State Primary School's Groom Children Into accepting Big Brother

Picture of a teacher helping a child take his fingerprint

Fionna Elliot does not look like a firebrand. A hard-working mother, she has never had the time or the interest to dabble in politics. Yet when the local primary school wrote to her saying they were about to fingerprint her son Alexander, eight, and daughter Jessica, only six, she was furious.

The 29-year-old housewife from Balby in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, saw it as a dangerous step towards a Big Brother society. She didn't want her children fingerprinted and she marched off to Waverley School, five minutes from the family's home, to protest to the headmistress.

"The school said they were taking the thumb print of every child," Fiona explained at her neat, semi-detached home this week. The new electronic mapping system would allow children to borrow books from the library. The headmistress said it would be exciting for the pupils and help them develop a love of books and reading.

Each child's fingerprint would replace their library card. Placing their fingerprint on a scanner would open their computer file with records of the books they had borrowed. The argument is that this would dramatically simplify record-keeping. But Fiona Elliott is not prepared to accept it.

"I told the headmistress that the biometric data could easily be stolen by identity thieves or used by the State for some dubious purpose," she says. "My children are not terrorists or criminals and their fingerprints should not be collected at such a young age."

If some choose to write this off as alarmist, she doesn't care. For she is one of many parents appalled by what they see as another deeply worrying inroad by the State into our personal liberty. Britain is already the most snooped-on society in the world. It has more than a fifth of the world's CCTV cameras.

One day all our NHS records may be on a national computer accessible by thousands of health workers. Ministers have suggested that every British subject should have their DNA placed on a national database. And already, the State has the DNA records of nearly a million children, some as young as five.

Now the Government is actively encouraging cash-strapped schools - short of teachers, sports facilities and even books - to spend £20,000 or more on fingerprinting systems. In the short time since the practice began unannounced in 2001, nearly 6,000 pupils have had their 'dabs' taken throughout the country. Every week another 20 schools join the list.

Original source taken from the Daily Mail 11th October 2007

theilluminatifiles comment

There was a time, in the not too distant past, that supermarkets in the UK started to introduce what can only be described as mini-shopping baskets on wheels for children, which could be dragged along by the child via a long/extendable handle as well as a standard one if the child so desired. In fact, it became a common sight to see a little girl (it was normally the girls) pulling a basket behind her parents in an attempt to emulate them. However, one day those little baskets just disappeared, never to be seen again. It seems someone had made a complaint and pointed out that the supermarkets were doing nothing more than grooming a younger generation of children into using their supermarket. Of course they were! The supermarkets knew full well what they were doing which is why those little baskets were removed rather swiftly after someone had, quite rightly, realized the real agenda and publicly voiced their dissatisfaction.

There is nothing more abhorrent than using the innocence of a child, for sinister and underhand means. Those unscruplous supermarkets, and yes there was more than one of the big named supermarkets, were no better than paedophilles who groom children for sex. With the case of the supermarkets, however, the only difference was the corporate agenda, the clever and sinister manipulation of the childs mind into getting him/her used to an adult agenda, was just the same. If those supermarkets were not guilty of child groomimng, then in no way would they have taken those baskets away.

Here we have a disgusting big-brother state, groomimng younger children into accepting something that the vast majority of the older generation would not accept, and with good reason. The use of biometric data such as fingerprits and DNA is nothing more than a violation of the person from which they are taken. It is information which is unique to each and every person and defines that person as an indiviidual. When you give away your biometric data, you are giving away a part of yourself and the fact that the state can claim a right to that information and store it, is a direct violation of a persons humanity.

Even more abhorrent and sickening, is the seemingly innocent agenda (library cards) used by the state to introduce children to the idea of giving away their biometric data freely, of which the process of giving away biometric data such as finger prints and DNA, is something normally done under duress by criminals who have (supposedly) violated their rights by commiting crime.

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