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How can an elitist group of people control the world without someone, somewhere, knowing about it and exposing the whole plan?

Firstly people who ask such a question, and there are many, are assuming that it is necessary to control key individuals in every organization and/or government department that exists, with each and every one of the controllers being privy to the hidden agenda. No. That's not how it works. If that were really the case then, their (the ruling elite's) plan for world domination would have been exposed a long time ago and would now be recorded in the history books as the most inept conspiracy of all time.

On the contrary, it really is very simple. To control people on a mass scale, all you need to do is take control of the commodities they use on a daily basis such as oil and money. Without either oil or money, society would collapse and anarchy would ensue very quickly, and society as we know it would cease to exist. Therefore, by regulating the supply of money or rather, the monetary system, you automatically control the polpulation without them even realizing it. It is only when one examines the monetary system in close detail and comes to the realization that the system itself is a snare designed to enslave those within, that one fully understands how the few can control the many.

Despite the naysayers cries of:

"somebody, somewhere would blow the plot wide open and reveal what is going on",

and that:

"they would never be allowed to get away with it"

There have been many who have worked within the elite network that have, at great personal and financial risk to themselves, come forward in an attempt to 'blow the plot wide open', but the only trouble is that when they do, people don't believe them. In addition, they are also up against an elite owned media which gives the outward appearance impartiality and independence but in truth, is the exact opposite. In reality we have a media in which anything that seriously threatens the elitist hidden agenda (or not so hidden when you know what to look for), will never see the light of day. This is because such a story will be pulled by the editior, normally on the grounds that it is not in the best interests of the British public or because of National Security implications. Do not be deceived, occasionally someone is outed in the mainstream press, just to give the illusion of freedom of the press and impartiality, but those people that are outed always get away with it and come to no real harm, when the furore dies down.

A case in point is Peter Mandelson, who was outed from Tony Blairs Cabinet after being exposed by the press for corruption on not one, but two seperate occations. One might think that once should have been enough to end his political carrear and have him wallowing in the back benches for the rest of his days. But no, Mandelson has gone on from strength to strength, riding the E.U. gravy train as an E.U. Comissioner. It seems he has all the right qualifications to become an E.U. Commisioner and judging by his willingness to commit corruption on not one, but two seperate occasions, one could not disagree with his credentials to undertake the task in hand. Not once have the British press asked the question, why or how can a man with a known track record of corruption, go on to get a top job in the European Parliament?

Dead Men (and women)Tell No Tales

It is not possible to leave such a discussion about people exposing the truth without paying homage to those courageous souls who have either, exposed the truth, were about to expose the truth, or were in an elevated position where they could have done a lot of damage to the establishment, and consequently have either ended up on a mortuary slam as a rsult or have been falsely imprisoned indefinately on trumped up charges.

So despite the claims from the uninformed and willfully ignorant that 'people will never be allowed to get away with it'. People do get away with it and they will continue to get away with it as long as people take the defeatist attitude of condemnation before investigation and do nothing with that information when they do. This site documents many scandles that should have been front page news, not only throughout their respective countries but also the world. Moreover, there is ample evidence that pressure has been applied to the mainstream media, and as a result of the pressure the so-called mainstream media have deliberatly aided and abetted in covering up stories that should have rocked nations and brought down governments. On such example is of

What is compartmentaliization?

If controling commodities such as money or oil is the key to how the few control the many, then compartmentalization, is the key to how the many never see how the few control them. To compartmentalize something, whether that something be a government/government department, or a private institution such as a bank or large corporation, is to organize it into heirarchical structures, normally for administrative purposes. Whilst there is nothing evil about compartmentalization, in and of itself, compartmentalization is often used to hide, either, evil intent or underhand practices that may lie at the heart of any company, organization, institution or government department. One such example is the Womens Liberation movement which was funded through the Rockefeller foundation and was given creedence by the US government. On the surface Womens Liberation seemed like an honerable cause to give women equal rights with men, but the reality is that the elite realized that only half the population were paying taxes and that by giving women equal rights and getting them out to work so they could pay tax. In addition, in the document NSSM 200, part of the outlined agenda is to get women into work

In short, every business, government department or organisation is departmentalized into their necessary departments, and employees who work in any given department, only know enough information to enable them to carry out their job to the best of their ability and training. It is very unlikely that employees on the factory floor, so to speak, will know the inner workings of any given company or organization. It is only a very few people at the top, who will know how the smaller pieces fit together to make up that company or organisation as a whole.

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