Gorgia Guidestones lay out the plans of the New World Order

The material contained throughout this site has been thoroughly researched and the claims made, however seemingly unlikely or preposterous, are very real. Moreover, not only are the claims very real, they can also be backed up by a vast pool of overwhelming evidence that still exists within the public domain (much has been censored), and therefore, at his present time, can still be researched independently by anyone willing to take the time and effort to sift through a vast pool of information and sadly, disinformation, too, in order to separate the truth from the lies.

For anyone wishing to diligently examine the evidence with an open heart and open mind, the conclusion is inescapable as one begins to connect the dots to reveal a frightening reality that very few people want to accept or believe - ridiculing the messenger of the truth, is by far the easiest and most common of all methods used by many as a means of evading the truth. Needless to say, this site does not entertain the idea of UFOs, shape-shifting alien lizards or any such nonsense that is bounded around the internet, that does harm to the truth movement as well as tarnish the reputations of many good investigative journalists in the alternative media.

Nor is this site a call to arms for would-be extremists, who would and who no-doubt will, take their own course of action to events as and when they begin to unfold. This site does not endorse violent action of any nature, but rather, is meant to be a valuable resource for those are seeking the truth. The truth however, is not only concerned with the sordid and corrupt world of politics, commerce and banking, where the lies are played out on the world stage aided and abeted by 6 giant media corporations who dominate and control the worlds media, but more importantly than that, is the truth of the reality of the existence Jesus Christ and the truth contained within the bible, which many, many people believe to be nothing more than a book of fairy stories.

The populous are sold the lie by the academic heirarchy, that mankinds origins lie in molecules to man evolution and that "mankind" evolved from apes or ape like creatures, which themselves evolved from lower creatures ad infinitum, over a period of 4.5 billion years, which is believed to be the current age of the earth. Moreover, the people that are pushing this nonsense, are doing it all in the name of science and are determined to indoctrinate our children and our childrens children with these insideous lies. These people would have you believe that the whole scientific community worldwide is united in its acceptance of Molecules to Man (Darwinian) evolution, and that the only people that don't accept it are religeous zealots of fundamentalists as they are labelled.

The truth is not always readily digestible or indeed palatable, even to many of those who would consider themselves Christian, and who really should know better. The truth is the truth. It is absolute and not relative to anyone or anything and sooner or later, we are all destined to face it head on.

Religious and Ethnic Policy

It is not the policy of this site to intentionally hurt or cause offence to anyone from any religious persuasion, sexuality, race, colour or creed in any way whatsoever. It is however, the intention of this site to break the chains of religious dogma, lies and superstition, that are all too often perpetuated in the name of religion, and nowhere more so than within Christianity. It is the intention of this site author to reveal the true gospel of Jesus Christ in its most simplest form, without the stains of Calvinism, Lutheranism, or any other erroneous or partially erroneous interpretation that has become theologically accepted by the mainstream religious system.

In doing so however, it is important to realize that we live in an imperfect world and nobody (site author included) is perfect. It is also important to realize that any religious organization or denomination singled out for criticism by this site author, does not and should not, sully any individual that belongs to that particular religion or denomination in question. In other words, just because a person is a member of a corrupt religious organization or denomination, it doesn't necessarily make that individual a bad person or imply they are of questionable character in any way, shape or form.

For example, the Catholic Church are often singled out for criticism but that criticism is very often aimed at the heirarchy as a whole, and not the individual. In reality, there are priests and other people involved with the Catholic Church that do good work and are indeed carrying out Gods work, despite the erroneous doctrines coming from corrupt Vatican officials. Therefore, we must be careful not to get into or develop, a 'my club is better than your club' mentailty that pervades religiondom and the many Christian denominations. The Kingdom of God has no denominations. Please consider prayerfully, all things mentioned therein.

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